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   UCAR Africa Initiative
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Program News

Oct. 15: Google Foundation funds UCAR and partners to explore weather-health connections in Ghana.


To build a sustainable partnership between UCAR and African Institutions in order to pursue research and applications for the benefit of the African people. The initiative envisioned will:
  • Involve genuine collaboration with African institutions
  • Focus on institutional capacity building and research support
  • Explore science research themes that are critical to Africa and important for the world
  • Leverage the research infrastructure in the US to add value
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Guiding Principles
  • Build on existing efforts: Focus on leveraging existing activities and coordinating pre-existing networks, not on creating anything new.
  • Develop research capacity while integrating research and education: Efforts in Africa must integrate research and education, and will not be successful if they don’t contribute to developing local research capacity.
  • African Solutions for African Problems: The issues addressed should arise from an needs defined by local institutions, and focus on developing and enabling long-term strategies led by those institutions.
For more information about the UCAR Africa Initiative please contact Raj Pandya by phone (303-497-2650 ) or email (pandya at

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